Urburnt Baba

Baba cam montage from Pat Murphy.

“That’s some real fun under the sun” as our buddy Slice would say to Danny.

Philm Dump

Here’s a handful of photos from around May. Some skating Some not.

Max Murphy – Fs Lipslide

Jon Rock – Melon

Max Murphy – Kickflip

That’s it, later turds!

Daewon Bong

I often find myself thinking who technically won Almost Round Three? Was it Daewon or Rodney? Personally I’d vote Daewon. Jheri curls, picnic benches and The Killers? I mean come on its pretty obvious. Anyways heres a handful of photos I’ve taken of my friends over the past few months.

Nick Mistle - Ollie
Nick Mistele – Ollie.

Nick Mistle - FS Noseslide
Nick Mistele – FS Noseslide.

The good homies.
The good homies.

Party boiz
Sean Hanley & Max Murphy – Party boiz.

Sean Hanley - BS Lipslide
Sean Hanley – BS Lipslide.

Chase Hopper - Nose bonk
Chase Hopper – Nosebonk.

Chase Hopper - FS boardslide
Chase Hopper – FS Boardslide.

Chase Hopper - Fakie ollie
Chase Hopper – Fakie Ollie.